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Mainstreet Musician Supply carries a wide range of accessories.

For the guitar player- strings, cables, picks, straps stands, wall hangers, polish, fretboard oil, tuners, effects, cases, gig bags and much more.

For the band student - cleaning supplies, reeds, replacement mouthpieces, valve oil, tuning slide grease, slide cream, lyres, folders, replacement windows for folders, sax straps, learning books, and more.

For the percussionist - drumheads, sticks, brushes, tambourines, shakers, guiros, cymbal stands, drum thrones, drum maintenance supplies, and more.

For the singer - Daywind accompaniment tracks and karaoke tracks, microphones, mic cables, mic stands, music books and more.

For the piano player - keyboard stands, keyboard benches, music books, metronomes, sheet music "on demand" (We are connected to Hal Leonard Publishing's library and are able to download and print up any of their sheet music. This will be just like the music you would normally order only without the outside folder and normally costs $3.95 a song)

For the eclectic musician - autoharps, wooden flutes, recorders, harmonicas, ocarinas, pennywhistles, dulcimers, jaw harps, kazoos and more.

If we don't have it in stock, we can usually order it for you and have it in a week or less (with no extra charge for shipping as long as we can include it in our regular weekly order).