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With three kids of our own, Greg and I understand the need to get the best value for your money. This is why we stock a wide range of used band instruments.

Our band instruments go through a careful cleaning, polishing, inspection and playing test before ever being put out in the store for sale. We make any needed repairs to get the instruments in very good playing condition. (Our used band instruments come with a 30 day guarantee).

New band instruments are beautiful and nice to have, but much like a new car, their resale value drops immediately when they leave the store. Used instruments, on the other hand, hold their value very well when cared for properly. We can say this from experience... our daughter is now playing the flute that my parents bought for me (used) almost 30 years ago. It has a beautiful sound (even competeing with an almost brand new solid silver Gemeinhardt flute that came through our store a while back) and the value of my old flute has more than doubled over what my parents paid for it.

Most of our instruments are newer, but we have had instruments built back in the 1930s and 40s come through our store on occasion. Many of these really old instruments produce even better sounds and are easier playing than a lot of new instruments. They just don't wear out if you take care of them.

Our variety of brands and models in stock constantly changes. We usually have a pretty good variety of instruments in our store, but if you are looking for a particular instrument, brand, or model, feel free to call and leave your name with us, so we can give you a call if we come across that particular instrument.

If you have any questions about the availability or cost of a particular instrument, just give us a call at 870-845-0001.

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