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Many clients desire to personalize or refurbish a guitar that they already own. Inlay work, hand-painted designs and careful restoration are all available at MMS.

This customer had admired the colors in a bluegill and wanted Greg to use them in a custom paint job. This is what he came up with as he tried to imagine what a cross between a bluegill an da telecaster would look like.
This guitar underwent extensive modification. It started as a sunburst Les Paul copy. The headstock was inlaid with an abalone cross. The fretboard was replaced with one made from ebony wood and inlaid with fancy fret markers of different shades of mother-of-pearl. The white binding was removed and replaced with black, and it was painted using a base-clear system. The pickups and other electronics were replaced with high quality equipment.
There are blue LED's in a light box under the mirror pickguard. The flames were carved into the Lexan pickguard and polished.

This 1953 Martin with a broken neck heel was repaired in 1954 with a chunk of plywood as a cleat. It lasted a long time, but looked pretty bad. Greg replaced the plywood with rosewood and carved the heel to hide the old damage that had been done.

For a slideshow of more custom work click photo to left.